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What do you like about gold eyeshadow? What don’t you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about… Gold Eyeshadow Huge fan of it, though I think that there could be more variety than we actually see… like there are a lot of light-medium to medium golds, plenty of gold with a blue-green shift, but I’d love to see deeper golds, deeper antique golds, etc. — Christine Join Discussion Source:…
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Athletic Gifts Your Sporty Friends Will Love

The best gifts for athletes can fall into one of two camps. There are the presents you know sporty girls will love: Black Lulu leggings, a gift card to a studio you know they’re obsessed with, a cool new water bottle, a fresh pair of sneakers to replace the ones they’re about to wear through. These are the sure things,…
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We Need To Talk About That Bizarre 30-Second Peloton Ad

‘Tis the season for sales, shopping, and — in the case of Peloton — highly questionable gift giving ads. The indoor bike startup that’s basically trying to turn your living room into a makeshift SoulCycle recently released a holiday-themed commercial. The release was nothing special — this is pretty commonplace, especially with Cyber Monday deals abuzz, but it’s the content…
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